...the point of most tenderness

...the point of most tenderness

...the point of most tenderness...the point of most tenderness...the point of most tenderness

About Us

Jill Moran DTCM RAc BSc

Jill Moran Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Registered Acupuncturist bio medical

The focus in the practice of acupuncture is the belief that we are spiritual beings first, who share an human experience.  Jill practices from an approach that by keeping the mind and body active and healthy, we nourish the soul.  Jill is a licensed practitioner of Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs with the province of BC where she completed her five year Doctor Program in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  It was during her internship in China where Jill developed a passion for treating musculoskeletal and nervous system conditions practicing acupuncture and Tuina, Chinese massage; though other areas of practice include mental health - including stress and PTSD, and gynecology - women health issues and fertility related issues in both women and men.

Robyn Rayner RMT

Robyn Rayner Registered Massage Therapist

Robyn graduated from the WCCMT in April 2010 and has been practicing Massage Therapy in Victoria ever since. She is passionate about health, fitness and self care for herself and her clients.

Robyn uses a variety of techniques including; swedish massage, myofascial release, joint mobilization techniques, stretching, trigger-point release, and homecare education into her Massage Therapy treatments.

She has a special interest in treating pregnant and postpartum women and has taken specific courses in Massage Therapy during the Childbearing Year to help her insure the best care possible to women during this time.

In addition to Massage Therapy, Robyn is also a level 1 certified CrossFit instructor, and coaches at Taranis Athletics part time. Robyn believes that nutrition, exercise, sleep and mindfulness are crucial to overall health and wellbeing. Robyn and her husband recently had their first baby, Cohen, and is loving the journey of parenthood.

Maegan Chase RMT

Maegan Chase RMT Registered Massage Therapy Craniosacal Visceral Scar Tissue

Maegan graduated from the 3,000 hour program at the Vancouver

West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2006 and she moved to

Victoria in 2016. She treats using a combination of Visceral (organ)

Manipulation, Fascial and Myofascial therapy, Cranialsacral therapy and

Joint Mobilizations. Maegan is particularly passionate about

Visceral Manipulation and scar tissue treatment.

Treatments with Maegan are from a holistic perspective in which she

works with the client to help the body restore balance. With a detailed

interview and assessment, her and her clients determine the cause of

pain and physical challenges and treatments revolve around

reconnecting with those areas. She treats an array of issues including

pelvic pain and dysfunction, breast issues, digestive problems,

headaches, TMJ, concussions and pain.

Maegan addresses scar tissue issues by using a combination of fascial

modalities, movement, and visceral manipulation. These treatments

can help to decrease pain, feelings of pulls, itchiness or tightness from

the scar, and issues with restrictions to ranges of motion. All of which

can occur from surgeries, injuries, abdominal adhesions, or car


Continuing education is very important to Maegan thus she attends

courses on a regular basis in her areas of interest. She has also taught

Fascial Therapy to undergraduate RMT’s in Vancouver and was a clinic

supervisor for several years in Victoria.

Some of Maegan’s other passions also include paddle boarding, yoga,

gardening and her family.

For more information please visit her website at

About Us

Sarah Hubbs BScKin MPT

Sarah Hubbs Pelvic Physiotherapy Pelvic Floor pain Si lower back

Sarah Hubbs is a Registered Physiotherapist with post graduate training in Women’s Pelvic Health and Neurological Rehabilitation. Sarah graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2009 with a Masters of Physical Therapy. Prior to this Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2007 and a Diploma of Physical Education from Vancouver Island University in 2004.

Sarah first became interested in women’s health prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, while working as a fitness instructor with pre/post natal clients. Upon having her own children, Sarah’s passion for women’s pelvic health grew immensely, which led her to pursue post-graduate training and mentorship in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain. Sarah’s primary interest is facilitating safe and enjoyable return to exercise/sport post-partum. Sarah is a Pre/Post Natal fitness Consultant, Strength Training Instructor, YogaFit Instructor, and Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor. She utilizes these exercise based approaches along with education, manual techniques and EMG biofeedback to help her clients return to the activities that they love without pain or injury.

In addition to Women’s Pelvic Health and Pre/Post Natal physiotherapy, Sarah also offers Clinical Pilates with a focus in Neurological Rehabilitation. Sarah has comprehensive post-graduate training in Neurological Rehabilitation including NDT Certification, with experience treating a variety of neurological conditions including Stroke, TBI, Parkinson’s, MS, SCI, and Cerebral Palsy. Sarah utilizes Clinical Pilates as an adjunct to the functional NDT approach, offering specific exercise-based therapy with support and modifications as needed to optimize alignment and breathing, facilitate core activation, and enhance posture.

Practitioner to be Announced


Practitioner to be Announced

Practitioner to be Announced


Practitioner to be Announced

About Us

Beth Smit, RM

Beth Smit Registered Midwife

Beth loves the midwifery model of care in BC because of the opportunity for personal connection between midwives and women, and because of all the choices the midwifery model gives women with respect to their care and where they give birth. 

Outside of midwifery, Beth is the mother of two children, a son born in 2009 and a daughter born in 2012. 

Beth has a passion for the outdoors, whether that means working in her garden, or hiking and camping around Vancouver Island when she’s not on call.

Lyanne Quirt, RM

Lyanne Quirt  Registered Midwife

Lyanne grew up in Ottawa, Ontario and moved to BC in 2005. Lyanne became a midwife because she is passionate about women's health, and she believes that pregnant people and families should have access to information and choices in pregnancy, birth, and their first weeks with a new baby. She completed her midwifery training at UBC in 2012, and worked with a group of midwives in Victoria for her first years of practice. 

Lyanne provides midwifery care in Langford and offers holistic care through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. 

When she’s not catching babies, Lyanne can often be found spending time with her son, running around on an ultimate frisbee field, or knitting up a storm.

Laura Mercer, RM

Laura Mercer  Registered Midwife

Laura grew up in rural BC, and has called Victoria home for nearly five years. She left a busy career as a Labour and Delivery Nurse in Calgary to begin midwifery studies at UBC in 2010. Helping families during childbirth as a Registered Nurse had made her curious about the transitions of pregnancy and what happens at home with a new baby. Laura felt humbled and awed by her own experience of becoming a mother with the birth of her daughter in 2013.

She enjoys hiking, photography, gardening, and cycling. She has lived in Belgium and Guatemala, so she speaks some French and Spanish.

Laura finds it to be a privilege to support parents over many months and to offer personalized attention to their new baby.