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Sarah Hubbs BScKin MPT

Sarah's Story

Sarah Hubbs is a Registered Physiotherapist with post graduate training in Women’s Pelvic Health and Neurological Rehabilitation. Sarah graduated from the University of British Columbia in 2009 with a Masters of Physical Therapy. Prior to this Sarah completed a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at the University of Victoria in 2007 and a Diploma of Physical Education from Vancouver Island University in 2004.

Sarah first became interested in women’s health prior to becoming a Physiotherapist, while working as a fitness instructor with pre/post natal clients. Upon having her own children, Sarah’s passion for women’s pelvic health grew immensely, which led her to pursue post-graduate training and mentorship in the assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, and pelvic pain. Sarah’s primary interest is facilitating safe and enjoyable return to exercise/sport post-partum. Sarah is a Pre/Post Natal fitness Consultant, Strength Training Instructor, YogaFit Instructor, and Pilates Mat and Reformer Instructor. She utilizes these exercise based approaches along with education, manual techniques and EMG biofeedback to help her clients return to the activities that they love without pain or injury.

In addition to Women’s Pelvic Health and Pre/Post Natal physiotherapy, Sarah also offers Clinical Pilates with a focus in Neurological Rehabilitation. Sarah has comprehensive post-graduate training in Neurological Rehabilitation including NDT Certification, with experience treating a variety of neurological conditions including Stroke, TBI, Parkinson’s, MS, SCI, and Cerebral Palsy. Sarah utilizes Clinical Pilates as an adjunct to the functional NDT approach, offering specific exercise-based therapy with support and modifications as needed to optimize alignment and breathing, facilitate core activation, and enhance posture.

Sarah Hubbs BScKin MPT Pelvic Physiotherapist Langford Colwood BC